zondag 12 juni 2011

Rattling bug

Engine trouble for the bug!
What a bummer a week before Budel, the biggest annual aircooled VW event in the Netherlands.
For sure this means i can't go there because i can't get the bug fixed in such short notice, hell.... i'm not even sure i'll be able to get it fixed anytime soon...

Last week when i was driving it home, just before driving into the street where i live, i heard a sound from the back as if something fell out underneath, but since i noticed nothing strange in the driving i just went on.
A few 100 meters on i suddenly heard a loud rattling sound coming from the engine bay and the engine started to sputter, so i let it roll out and after about 500 meters the rattling was gone again, and i hit home without further problems.
But i knew there had to be something wrong, so I started it up again, without any problems, and drove a few small rounds round the block in which i noticed nothing strange.
i checked the spark plugs which seemed fine, so i assumed it could have been a screw that had come loose and ended up near the flywheel, causing the ratlle, and that this screw or something else small had later fallen out again.
But when i tried starting it up today the engine did not pick up like it should, and when i did get it started i heard a small rattle coming from the engine.
So i decided to call the ANWB, and let him diagnose the problem.
Within an hour a very nice guy in a yellow VW Caddy arrived and he said: oh that's a valve seat that has come loose you're hearing, without doubt, i wouldn't drive it any further without fixing this!
So now this valve seat needs replacing, and this means the cilinder head has to be removed.... not a job i've ever done myself so i'm gonna need some help in this...
What bums me out the most is that it has happened just a week before Budel, this means a no go for kintaro...
So anyone who lives nearby, has some aircooled VW knowledge and is willing to assist please let me know!

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