dinsdag 7 juni 2011

Red Wing 2268 engineer boots evo

I've had these RW 2268 engineer boots for 10 months and they get the most wear out of all my boots and shoes, just because they're so damn great and comfy...
So i thought it would be nice to show some evo on them, as to how they're holding up.
Well, they're holding up great! I'm really impressed by them quality wise and fit wise.
After the initial pain, which was to be expected, they softened up and have now completely moulded to my feet and almost feel like slippers... just a tad heavier though.
The leather needs little care, i only polished them once with some black Alden wax at 4 months and that's it actually.
They just get better with wear, like a pair of jeans does.
The only initial let down i had was the fact that the heels are made out of a rubber and plastic combo, instead of some nice leather heels, but i'm planning on fixing that in future when these soles and heels have worn out.
Then i want to get them resoled with leather soles and slightly lower cuban style leather heels, in combination with Cat's Paws halfsoles and heels, just like my White's boots have.
And now some pictures!
the fit

brand new boots!

unblemished soles
at 4 months
at 4 months
And this is how they look now after 10 months of wear, about 4 to 5 days a week, mostly home and office wear though... 

i love all the scratches and markings, it adds character

fluffy inside feels buttery soft

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  1. NICE. My sister's friend owns a Red Wing store, and I've been trying to get her to get me a discount on these! They're steel-toe, right? How's the weight on em?

    My generic engineers are decent, wore em the entire last summer, but the weight is killer!

  2. Thanks for your comment Jan!
    These are indeed steel-toe... and HEAVY... but i've gotten used to the weight just because they're extremely comfortable.
    If that wasn't the fact the weight would no doubt have started to annoy me.

    Have you posted some pics of the evo on your engineers? I'm pretty curious!

    For my next pair i want to get a more vintage and lower profile pair of engineers, like the MF Road Champs or something of the likes.
    But first put some more wear into these, there's still so much more to get out of these.
    Engineers are the perfect urban jungle surviving gear ;-)

  3. I haven't taken any close ups, but I've been meaning to do an update for my boots, so I'll probably take some soon.

    I'm sure they're not as heavy as my generic ones!

    I've been considering the non steel-toe RW's, but man... The sole on these are hot. How did you size on these? True to size?

  4. Just for fun i weighed a boot today, it's 1200 grams.

    tbh i don't really like the sole on the non steel-toed engineers, but if you plan on getting them and get those resoled by a good cobbler it could make a killer boot with a sleeker profile, but it would make them more expensive than a stock pair of 2268.

    I sized up half a size from my usual RW size, you need to because of the steel toe.
    For reference i normally wear a size US9,5 in RW, White's, chucks and most other dress shoes, and a US10 in the 2268, similar to my Vans size.
    Hope this helps!

  5. Late reply*

    Thanks for the weight and sizing tips!

    Hopefully, I get a pair soon.

    I agree, I dislike the sole on the non steel toe as well. And resoling them is going to end up being more expensive than just simply dealing with the steel toe. My kid likes to stand on my feet anyways, so I guess it's could help! (She keeps growing like crazy, it DOES hurt after a while! Haha.)

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  7. I just got a brand new pair for $25.00.