zaterdag 26 maart 2011

1,000,000 Volt

Putting one million Volt trough your body... it looks both creepy and fascinating...

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Yeah Kyuss !!!! You couldn't make me more happy !!! i'm a huge fan !!!

  2. Glad to have made you happy!
    Another Kyuss fan, so nice!
    They were grossly underrated at the time they existed, really a shame.

  3. They are genius. Josh Homme has only 16 to 21 years old during Kyuss.

    For the lil story about "underrated" : Dave Grohl was fan of Kyuss and give tapes to his fans. Kyuss said "stop to do it, we don't want have nirvana fans ha ha ha !!!"
    Ok it's stupid but i surely have the same attitude ha ha ha !!!

    BTW, i've got the original Lp of "Sky Valley" <3 <3 <3 ! My precious !!! ha ha ha !!

  4. Hahaha, good story!
    Wow, the Sky Valley on vinyl... a real treasure, be carefull with it!