woensdag 16 maart 2011

lyin' on the couch watchin' movies cause my back is achin'

This hasn't been a particularly good week for me, ever since last weekend i can hardly get up because of an aching back.
The painkillers keep the pain under, but also make me pretty dozy.
So what to do when you can't do anything... well... browsing the net, keeping an eye on the situation in Japan, reading Zelazny, the occasional walk around the neighbourhood with the dog, and watching movies.
Yesterday i watched some older movies from the seventies and eighties, i love old movies btw, mostly the really old stuff from the fifties, sixties and earlier, so these were not that old by my standards.
They weren't even great movies, but enjoyable enough to get me through the day.
First i watched White lightning, a 1973 flick with Burt Reynolds in one of his few decent roles as a good ol' boy smugglin' moonshine and keepin' out of the hands of the Sheriff, Yahooo! It wasn't a screw ball like movie as most of the other flicks he appears in are, this one had a more serious tone.
the second movie was Betrayed (1988), a hard film about a female undercover cop (excellent play by a lovely looking Debra Winger) who investigates a white supremacist group and falls in love with their leader.
In this one the story wasn't giving me good vibes, because it is pretty rough and confronting, but the beautifully filmed locations did.
Both movies had that indian summer southern US vibe which i love, and that always kinda reminds me of my childhood even though i grew up in the Netherlands, the vibe kinda feels like i remember it from back then.
Maybe i'm just romanticizing it, but still... life seemed to be more carefree back then, and it felt like time wasn't moving so fast as it seems to do nowadays.
Don't worry, i'm not going to write movie reviews here, i'm leaving that to the experts, so if you want to read those just check out the imdb, just wanted to share some vibes.
Last movie from yesterday was Disturbia (2007) about a guy who is sentenced to 3 months of housearrest and goes spying on his neighbours to find out the man who lives across the street is a serial killer that slices young women.
Although a bit of an unbelievable story, the tension is built up very good, also check out Sarah Roemer as the lovely seductive girl nextdoor.
It was loosely (very loosely tbh) based on Hitchcock's Rear Window, a true classic must see (almost every Hitchcock movie is).

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Things could be worth :))) you could be stocked at home and discover that your neighour next door slices all the neighbourhood women ;)

  2. Hahaha you're right, i'm going to take a look around the neighbourhood right now, maybe i'll watch something exciting!
    I must admit i kinda felt connected to the guy in the movie!