dinsdag 15 maart 2011

Mister Freedom Californians and vintage studded belt

Some stuff i picked up recently to fix my needs as a denim aficionado are the Mister Freedom Californian jeans and this brown vintage studded belt i snagged from the bay.

I had been doubting to get the Californians for some time, but since i honestly really didn't needed any more denim than i already had, it took me until now to get these.
The more fits and pictures i saw of these, the harder it became for me to not get them, and since supplies were running short, i had to decide to get'em now or be sorry forever.
Am i glad i did! They are really the perfect cut, based on the jeans Brando wore in the 1953 feature film 'The Wild One'.
Made of a beautiful deadstock vintage denim woven in the original Cone Mills this is just the pair of jeans to fix my need!

The belt is a find which i just ran into to be honest, the price was so good i just couldn't let it slip by.
Don't know how old it actually is, the leather is hand carved in a beautiful way, and it has a heavy solid brass buckle, brass studs and turquoise and red jasper stones.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Love studded belt with turqoise. Need one in this style.

  2. Hi Rivit Head, i don't know who made it tbh.
    I got it from an US seller, that's all i can tell you unfortunately.
    Do you have a link to Matsu? I'd like to check out his work.