zondag 27 maart 2011

Lee 101-J cinchback jacket

Yesterday i received this beautiful Lee 101-J single pocket jacket with cinchback.
The Lee 401 Prestige jacket was introduced in 1925 as an answer to the Levi's 506 jacket, and was made with 13oz denim.
This reproduction is made by Lee Japan and is based on the 1932 version, when the number changed from 401 to 101-J, but the design stayed the same.

soaking in the tub
The Lee Cowboy buttons remained on their jackets untill 1945 when Lee introduced their whole new designed Riders jacket in a lined and unlined version, and from that time on the buttons read Lee Riders, also with a renewed Lee logo, without the upturned ee's.
Throughout the years there have been lots of changes in the jacket tags, which is quite interesting, here's a link to the tags that were used from the early 1930's on.

Here are some nice early Lee ads

an early lit advertising sign
Also interesting is their advertising with the Buddy Lee dolls from the early 1920's on, here you can find the full history behind these cute little dolls.
picture courtesy of Denim, from cowboys to catwalk

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